The Spectacular Oregon Coastline!

As we near the Oregon border the coastline becomes visually dramatic. Traveling north on Highway 101 our drive takes us through the beautiful coastal Redwood forests. The Pacific Ocean dominates our view to the left and large rocks can be seen in the surf. Cross over the state line and be prepared for a seemingly endless supply of State Parks and National Forests. Here’s the best part…..many of them have campgrounds. Way back in 1913, Governor Oswald West began promoting the idea of public access to Oregon's coast. His vision was later secured when Governor Tom McCall lead the passage of the Oregon Beach Bill. Where else in the contiguous United States can you find 363 miles of scenic oceanfront property minus No Trespassing signs to prohibit your access? All beaches in Oregon are free and open to the public!

Travel along with us as we enjoy the rugged beauty of Oregon's rocky shores. This is a perfect point for diving into the Pacific Northwest. You may opt to show up sans your bikini (cold water wetsuits are a fashion statement in this region). Just be sure to bring a light weight jacket. We're keeping our fingers crossed for sunny skies and daily temperatures in the mid 60s to low 70s. Ideal conditions for a little beachcombing.

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