Some poems by Vance

Vance has recently decided he likes to write poetry. I thought I'd share a few examples.

The first one, Pokemon, he wrote about a year ago, but the others are more current.



Vance had victory at his Fire Red
After defeating champion Green
Never will he lose

Call him champion of all
Every battle was harsh

The final battle was hard
Yes, Vance won once again

So advance to the Hall of Fame Room
Of course, he starts back in Pallet Town
Now there is one more task to do….


A deer grazing in the yard,
With its head held low,
As fast as lightning,
It lifted its head,
And fled to the woods


I look to the pasture at night,
A shadowy figure emerges,
With a pitchfork in his hand.

With eyes on both sides,
He is a scarecrow made for scaring!


I look at the sky
I’ll think of a legend.
The one I heard at the library was good.
I’m sure you can make one about a legend
Or a frightening mystery.

My time is up,
But don’t be shy.
Make your own poem,
And have the Joy!

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