While Las Vegas was the sizzling rendezvous point with Ella, California is the heart of our time together. It is such a joy to have her travel with us. I hope that our adventures in some of the most scenic parks of the Golden State will be a memorable experience for both her and Vance.

In short order, Ella has infused our camper lifestyle with her girlish whimsy and charm. No doubt, the guys have noticed the additional girly stuff adorning our mobile abode. I love it!!!

As we enter the most southernly Western state of our trip, it's a long awaited pleasure for me. In November of 1991 when Mark and I first found our way toward one another we were living about 2500 miles apart. He was in California and Miles and I were in Atlanta, GA. Thanks to our good friend, Tracy Richardson, we connected and entertained a wonderful long distance relationship. I'll always cherish my trips to California to visit Mark during that time. The memories are so firmly imprinted in my mind that the slightest scent of eucalyptus in a cool breeze can bring them back to me. Mark is an excellent tour guide and he introduced me to the most magical places. From the exquisite views of San Francisco and the mossy lushness of Muir Woods to the spectacular scenery of the Sierra Nevada mountains we share a wealth of unforgettable memories!

The last time we vacationed in Yosemite and the Bay area was 1996. Miles was 11 and Vance was 7 months old. It seems ironic that Vance is now 11 years old. This is Ella's first visit to California. They're both in for a real treat! We're going to enjoy some stunning scenery in this beautiful region and ultimately we'll make our way to San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean.

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