A few quick notes...

As you can probably guess, these posts take a little time to put together. As such, they don't always come in order, but we write them as time and inclination strike us. For example, we spent two days at the FDR Home and Presidential Library at Hyde Park a couple of weeks ago, but we just haven't gotten around to doing a write up yet. It's coming, don't worry.....

Also, just in case you've noticed that the posts tend to show up in batches of 4 or 5 at a time, this is because we just aren't around internet connections all that much. Most of our campgrounds are in remote locations, and when we are in town, it's usually to visit an musuem or attraction, not to spend a couple of hours uploading to the website. We are making it a point to find a Starbucks or large bookstore every week or so, so the website doesn't fall too far behind. Otherwise, most of the writing and layout of posts and selections of pictures gets done offline in the evenings so that we only have to upload when we finally hit a hotspot.

A couple of technical matters - first, now that we've exceeded 10 posts, they are starting to archive themselves and aren't viewable on the home page. I'm working on an overall directory/index for the website, and should have it in place the next time we are ready to upload more content. So don't fear, they aren't gone, they are just hiding ;-)

To get back to the top of the website (the latest post), just click on the 'Have School Will Travel' banner at the top of the page, or click on the '>>Home' link at the bottom of each post

Also, for those of you brave enough to check out the picture galleries - if you click on a thumbnail image, it will display a larger version of the picture. To go to the previous or next image, run your mouse over the picture - the right side will pop-up a Next button, the left side will popup a Prev. I realize this isn't very intuitive, and again, when I get a little time, I'll change the text on the pictures to make this more clear.

I hope everyone is enjoying the posts, and if you have any suggestions, or find errors, or know of cool places in the general area where we are headed (which at this point is Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Conn, RI, , Boston/Cape Cod, New York City and maybe Philly - in that general order), please email us (tysonpublic@gmail.com, or at our private addresses, which you probably already have) and let us know!

We're having a blast...wish us well on our continued travels!

- Mark, Denise and Vance

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