Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Musuem
Round Barn from behind
Pig Weathervane
Angel Weathervance
Steamship Ticonderoga
The 'Ti', beached
Dining Hall on the 'Ti'
Working model of walking beam engine
Forward storage Deck
Crew's Quarters
Front Deck
Passenger Gallery
Vance working on note to his grandmother
Rear Gallery
Up top
Piloting the ship (aground!!)
Vance get's some instruction
The pilots view
Shoveling Coal
Fireman practice
Controling the single beam engine
Adjusting the trim of the ship
Pulling a heavy load with pulleys
Pulling it back with the capstan
Modern Design
Modernistic Home
Lighthouse from Lake Champlain
Lighthouse Keepers Quarters
Pretty Barn
General Store
Learning to be a store clerk and estimate weights
Weighing on a scale
Shelburne Train Station
Ticket Clerk's office
Luxury railcar
Replica of first manufactured steam locomotive
Track Tender
Vance riding antique carosel
Circus Model
525 foot carved circus parade
Circus Parade
More Circus Parade
Animal Cage
Model of Erie Canal Circus Barge
Lodge with Trophies
Blacksmith working on nail for Vance
Moravian Church
Vendors Wagon
Handbill printing demonstration
Weaving demonstration
Old Firefighting Equipment
Tools display
Old Jail
Let me out!!
Hatbox Collection
Antique Toys
Old Schoolhouse
Nice Quotes
Old Inn
Covered Bridge Info
Only 2 lane with sidewalk covered bridge in US
Front of bridge
Inside of bridge
Bridge Tolls
The 'crooked door' tour
Baking bread
Stencil House
Interesting Floor
Lighthouse and Garden
Up and down sawmill
Revolutionary Era cabin
Garden Fence