FDR Library Info
FDR Library
FDR Bust
FDR Office from White House
Model Ship from Queen of Denmark
Riding Basket
FDR Baby Dress
Scottish garb his mom made him wear
FDR Office at Library - Note the wheelchair
Fala - the national dog
Eleanor Bust
Eleanor Red Cross uniform
FDR's car with hand controls
Vance and FDR
Pearl Harbor
The big three
Springwood, FDR's home
FDR's and Eleanor's bedroom
Eleanor's Bedroom after FDR contracted Polio
FDR and Eleanor's Gravesite
Fala's Gravesite
Rose Garden
Sculpture using part of the Berlin Wall
Taking a break
Lane in front of Estate
Vance makes a friend
Geese, geese, everywhere
FDR and Eleanor
Vance earning Jr. Ranger Badge