Adirondack Museum

Adirondack Museum
Museum GoalsAiron
Self powered paddle boat
Ski boards
Various Powerboats
Bark Canoes
Poor Man's Yacht
Guideboat Workshop
Living in the Adirondacks
Vance tries on a hat
Oldest Surviving Hotel in Adirondacks
Hotel Lobby
Quite the fancy outhouse
Cabin with Rustic Furniture
Mosaic Twig House
Mosaic Twig Structure
Summer House
Blue Mtn Lake
Vendor - Mantels
More Rustic Vendors
Vendor Display
One horse open sleigh
Death stops for nothing - note the runners for ice and snow
Early pump fire engine
Peddlers Wagon
Dog powered butter churn
Snow roller
Horse Drawn snow plow
Buggy that brought Teddy Roosevelt to North Creek
Stage Coach
Early Canoe transport
Interior of rail car
The wealthy traveled in style
Early Gasoline Pump
One room schoolhouse
Hunters Lodge
Early backpack
Hermit's Cabin
Bobcat Vance
Railroad only 3/4 miles long!
Rustic furnishings
More Rustic Furniture
Rustic Bedroom
Rain Chain
Working on scavenger hunt
Logging Branding Stamp
Fire Tower
Gold Medal Winner in 1932
A new friend