Down to the sea

Cruise Ship in Bar Harbor
Whale Watching Friendship V
Looking for whales
Looking back at the bridge
Finback whale
The good ship Seal
The crew
Diver Ed giving the lifejacket speech
The Porcupine Islands
Maine Islands
Maine Coast
Suiting Up
Putting on mask
Getting ready for the plunge
Ready to push off
Captain Evil showing the video camera
Mini Ed threatened by a crab
Schooner sailing out of Bar Harbor
Broad Reach
Coming back onboard
All puffed up
Asking a question
Sea Star
Raptly watching
Singing to a sea cucumber
Sea cucumber seranade
Mr and Mrs Crab (Female is the smaller one)
A little green about the gills
Captain Evil and the sea stars
Finally he touches one!
Big Belly man
Low tide in front of the campground
View with tide in
Gardens - tide pool
Claremont Info - dock for sailing
Claremont Hotel
Sail Surprise
The Surprise at dock
The Surprise
Denise boarding her first sailboat
In the cockpit
Another gaff rig
Hoisting the sail
The sail
Moving right along
Getting windier
Huddled down below
Another Freedom Class Sloop
Having a great adventure
Taking a turn at the wheel
2 million $$$ will get you this
A nice day on the water
Surprise at dock
View of Southwest Harbor
Bass Harbor Lighthouse
Vance and Lighthouse
Acadia coastline
If I only had a boat!
Vance by the surf
Southwest Harbor