Smokey Bear

Railroad Trestle near Cloudcroft, NM
Pasture in Mtns near 8500 ft - Mescalero Apache Reservation
Smokey Bear Park Info
Smokey Bear Historical Park
Smokey Bear Gravesite
Smokey Bear Tombstone
Vance at Gravesite
Smokey says.....
Showing how Smokey was found
Harness worn by Smokey on trip to Washington, D.C.
Only You can prevent Forest Fires!
Fire Danger
Smokey Bear Museum
Valley of Fires
Large lava field
Lava, lava, everywhere
Campground at Valley of Fire
Malpais Nature Trail
Vance at info stand
Cactus growing on lava
Snake sighting!
Lava field
400 year old Juniper Tree