Guadalupe Mtns NP

Birds at campground
No Coyotes in sight!
Guadalupe Mtns
McKittrick Canyon Sign
McKittrick Canyon Visitors Center - the 'before' view
Regisitering for the backcountry hike
Ready to rumble
Yucca plant in bloom
Desert flowers
More flowers
Juniper on the trail
Tree with red bark
Looks like the rack on an elk
Stopping to catch our breath
Someone left a nice hat
Crossing the creek
Showing how it's done
Creek flowing down the canyon
Canyon peak
Looking up the canyon
Entrance to the Pratt Lodge
Denise in front of Stone Cabin (Pratt Lodge)
Owner of this cabin donated the 5000 acres of the canyon to park service
Snack time
Vance closeup
Right in the gut
Front of cabin
Looking up the canyon
Denise on porch
Vance at gateway
Vance closeup
Stone wall
From the dried riverbed
Agave blooming (once in 25 years)
Yucca blooms
Agave after it blooms
Sotol plant trapping hailstones
Hail covering ground after storm
Denise sampling the waters!
The trail turned into a river
He's getting a little big for this!
More hail on the ground
Hailstones on the trail
The 'after' view
Safe and sound - warm and dry (note the hail at our feet)
Main Entrance to park
Nipple Mtn - really....!
Pine Springs campground
View of campsite
Guadalupe Mtns
Collared Lizard
Another lizard on rock
Lechuguilla Agave
Hiking Nature Trail
Overlooking McKittrick Canyon Trail
Sotol with stalk
Oak Mistletoe
Frijole Ranch
House at ranch
Vance at schoolhouse
Outbuilding and mtns
Frijole Ranch
Pinery info
Desert Verbena
Remains of Stage Coach Station
Butterfield Express Stage House
Claret-Cup Cactus
Guadalupe Mtns Visitor Center
Wildlife Exhibit
Learning about Geology of area
Receiving Jr. Range award
Manzanita Springs
Denise hiking
Vance Resting
Taking a break in the shade
Overlook of desert
Smith Springs Info
Smith Springs
Nice little oasis in the middle of the desert
Indian Paintbrush
Coming back down trail
Hooking up the trailer
El Capitan from campground
Guadalupe Peak Info
El Capitan