Capitol Reef

Capital Reef National Park
The Castle
Very Colorful Rock
U-Pick in the orchards
We picked Cherries in the Holt Orchard
Climbing up
Cherry picker
Some prime grabs
The best one
More Vance
The best ones
Petroglyphs along Fremont River
Bighorn Sheep
The Hopi won't say what the lantern means
Another view of the Castle
Deer at picnic area
Huge Cottonwood trees
More deer
Working on Jr. Ranger
Old wagon
Vance and flowers
Historic Gifford Farmhouse
Fruta Schoolhouse info
Class photo
Cliffs behind school
Vance in doorway
Ranger talk
Dunce cap
Working on Jr. Ranger
Working hard
He really liked this book
Talking about the old school
Visitor Center
Swearing in the new Jr Ranger
Old farm equipment
Waterpocket Fold
Grand Wash - subject to flash floods
Grand Wash
Different Rock layers
Oyler Mine
Old uranium mines
Grand Wash Narrows Trailhead
A cool spot
A lizard
Cool formation in canyon bottom
Rock formations
Walking down the wash
Gunfight at Grand Wash!
Canyon getting deeper
Really deep!
And narrow
Canyon views
The grumps
Mark imitating Vance
Had enough of this!
Canyon walls
Vance and Denise in Narrows
Barn view
Barn and cliffs
Fremont River
Capitol Dome
Vance on trail
Behunin Cabin
First cabin in area
More domes
Slickrock Divide
Capital Reef in the Waterpocket Fold
Another view
Poneer Register Trailhead
Pioneer register - Fine for marking rocks now
Early vistors to the area left thier mark