Arches National Park
Visitor Center
View from inside Visitor Center
Fiery Furnace info
Vance and the Rines Boys with tour guide
Starting the hike
Neat shapes
Lots of slot canyons
Natural Bridge
Vance taking a break
Crawing thru a small arch
Vance's turn
Under the natural bridge
More scenery
Mark taking a look
Rather improbable
Double arches
Vance and the double arches
Vance and Andrew Rines
A short lecture on animals in water pools
Vance and Andrew
Animal skull
The boys are playing
More conversation
Mark takes another look
Vance and Denise
A tight squeeze
More formations
Climbing up and over
Narrow rock fins
The Tysons and the Rines
Denise on top of the world
Hope he fits thru there!
Another one to squeeze through
Hiking out on a ledge
Late afternoon shot -rock and shadows
Back out in the sunlight
Fiery Furnace from a distance
Devils Garden Trail
Pack to Pack!
Landscape Arch Info
Landscape Arch
Mark, Denise and Vance at Landscape Arch
More arches
The dusty trail....
Vance voicing his opinion about having to hike!
Pine Tree Arch
Pine Tree Arch
Tunnel Arch
Fun in the sand
Fiery Furnance
Balanced Rock
Delicate Arch from a distance
Delicate Arch
Mark, Vance and Delicate Arch
Like father, like son
Balanced Rock
Wide view of Landscape arch
The Gonzo
You see all sorts of campers in a campground!