Ella and Vance visit Sequoia NP
Big Trees Ahead
They're starting to get bigger!
Giant Forest Museum
Sentinel Tree
Top of Sentinel Tree
Big Trees Trail
Ranger Program
Sequoia Grove
View across the meadow
Ranger in front of root base
Wildflower along the trail
Preaching from the stump!
Learning about the Sequoias
Baby Sequoias
Just passing thru
Big Trees
Heading back to the museum
Get those Jr Ranger books signed!
Working on Jr. Ranger activities
Asian students trying to circle the tree
Moro Rock Trailhead
Up he goes!
Denise and Ella
More stairs....
The stairway to heaven!
Admiring the view near the top
A nearly full moon on the rise
Walking out to the point
At the top!
The Western Divide behind Vance and Ella
Viewing the High Sierra
Time to start down
Down they go...
Taking a breather
Climber Girl
Honey, does this tree make me look fat?
Big Trees, Big Cones
Ella in front of the 'Teddy Tree'
Tunnel Log
The Tunnel Log
Only 71 miles to Mt. Whitney!
Parker Group
The 'Parkers'
Honey, do these trees make me look short?
Fire scars
Soaring to the sky
Bear and stupid photographer
Foraging for food
Bear on the move
Moro Rock from below
Moro Rock at Sunset
Tunnel Rock
The road used to go thru here
“I promise.....”
Bear box
Marble Fork of the Kawaeh River
Tokopah Trailhead
Starting up the trail
Mark needs to rest
Ella on the trail
Thars a bar...whar? Over thar....
Cooling off
Soaking down our Blu Bandoos
Small falls
Vance and Ella, fashion hounds
Granite Walls
MJore Granite
The bear on the other side of the creek
Not wanting to become bearmeat, we turn around
We find a popular swimming hole
Sliding down the granite
He's rounder than he is tall!
It's cold!
Ella at the falls
Vance swimming
A helping hand
Fun at the swimming hole
Slip Sliding away
It must be funny
Belly slide
Lazy days
Snooze in the sun
Standing by the falls
Denise, Vance and Ella at the top
Above the falls
The falls at sunset