Lemon Cove

Pssst...I'm planning a sneak attack!
It worked
Gotcha Uncle Mark!
You too, Vance!
Ella loves to draw dogs
Ella as Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean)
By George, she's got it!
Girls Just Want to Have Fun!
Ella and Bluza
Ella's idea of open air camping!
Playing camper
Lemon Cove Campground, CA
Getting it all set-up
Bluza likes camping, too!
Time to head to Sequoia NP
I am The Egg Man...(or is it The Walrus)
Showing the love
Love that sound
All You Need Is LOVE
Ella's heard too many ghost tales!
I wash, you DRY!!
A careful attention to detail
All's well
A full moon over the Sierra Foothills
Quiet time just before lights out