Angels Landing

Angels Landing from canyon floor
Looking down a hanging canyon
Scouts Lookout, looking up towards Angels Landing
Angels Landing Trail
Looking down from Scouts Lookout
Starting up Angels Landing
Sheer drops to the sides
Chains. Don't see a trail? Neither did I!!
Looking down Zion Canyon
Met up with ranger group
Great White Throne
Zion Canyon
Vance on the trail
Starting back up
Mark and Vance
Mark looks and feels like a landed whale
Stopping about 1/2 way up
Taking another breather
It's really steep!
Do I have to keep on going?
View from the trail
Zion Canyon, nearing sunset
What do you mean we have to go up there?
Come on, Dad!
Another switchback
Getting a second wind
Zooming up Walters Wiggles
What, me wait?
How many more of these?
Looking down Walters Wiggles
Made it to Scouts Lookout!
Thoughts of ice cream sundies!
View from above
Mark and Vance - 1000 ft straight down behind them
Canyon walls
'Big Bend'
A last look at Angels Landing