Nevada Falls

Yosemite Falls - Dry
Merced River at Happy Isles
Nevada Falls Hike
Mark and Vance
First view of Vernal Falls
Filling up
Trail Marker
Climbing the Mist Trail next to Vernal Falls
Climbing the stairs
Mark next to Vernal Falls
Good view of the falls from the side
Vance almost at the top of Vernal
Vance above the falls
Top of Vernal Falls
Vance in front of Liberty Dome
Emerald Pool
First View of Nevada Falls
Nevada Falls
Mark below the falls
Nevada Falls
Vance on the climb up to Nevada Falls
Liberty Dome
Merced River above the falls
Bridge above the falls
Pool above the falls
Pool above the falls
Final resting place
Late afternoon
From the top
Trail marker up top
Looking down the rough trail
Stone pathway going down
Nevada Falls - late afternoon