Historic Hotel Vance
Hotel Vance in its full glory (as an office building)
Hotel Vance Info
Earthquake Warning!
The Original Restoration Hardware Store
All this traveling is stunting my growth!
Avenue of the Giants
Humboldt Redwoods State Park (Ave of the Giants)
The Avenue of the Giants
A fallen giant
Vance on a Log
Tree rings and historic events
Bigfoot lives!
Tacky Tourist Stop in the Redwoods
Walk thru stump
More tacky tourist information
Vance is getting a little tall for this
Our Truck would not fit (or at least I didn't want to test the theory)
One brave driver
Squeezing thru with inches to spare
Yikes! Too close for comfort....
Shrine Tree Info
Looking up the middle of the tree - it's still alive!
This way to Denise's favorite attraction
The Two Story Treehouse!
Setting up house
Welcome to our house!
A teeny, tiny house for Mark, too!
Who's been sleep in my bed?
Is this what you call hanging up your boots?
Rockefeller Forest
Virgin Redwood Grove
Some of the tallest Redwoods are in this grove
Up, up and away!
A lush forest floor
How many boards of lumber in this one?
Vance in the forest
The wee little man in the tree
Get me out of here!
Rockerfeller Redwood Forest
Notice the tannins
Glad I didn't have to cut it!
A Redwood Maze
A pensive pose
Vertical Panorama - Ave of the Giants
Performing Arts Mural in Eureka
Junkyard Dogs
Funky Sci Fi Mural
Goodyear Blimp over Clam Beach
Some make it
Some Don't
The Search for the Western Snowy Plover (a bird)
The 'Birds and Blimps' walk!
A nature walk with a local biologist
Vance learning about Clam Beach ecology
A local yokel playing around, much to the dismay of the biologist
Sunset over Clam Beach
Samoa Cookhouse
Cookhouse across the bay from Eureka
Samoa Cookhouse Info
Inside the family style cookhouse, formerly a loggers dining hall
Vance and old office equipment
Logging equipment
A chainsaw worthy of Paul Bunyon
Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum
Anchors away
Propeller from an old local tugboat
Fishermen Memorial in Eureka
Marina and Victorian Mansions on waterfront
Eureka Light
Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse
Vance overlooking Trinidad Bay
Trinidad Bay
One of the local inhabitants
A cool house on the bluff
Mark and Vance at the beach below Trinidad