Oregon South

Welcome to Oregon
Brookings, Oregon
The Yellow Rose of Oregon
Flowers do well here
Loeb State Park
Chetco River
Jeep Crossing!
Vance on the gravel bar
Vance, ready for the river float
Aquaman, at the camper
Unloading the kayaks
Putting out a campfire someone left on the bar
Ready to rock!
And they're off!
Wait! Come back!
Starting downstream on the Chetco River
Vance in the lead
Entering some rapids
Still back there, Dad?
Taking a break
Back on the river
The river bar is a popular camping spot
Coming in to Loeb State Park
One last rapid
Try again...
Made it!
Our Shuttle and Photographic Service...
Harris Beach State Park
Sea Stacks at Harris Beach
A gull's eye view
The guys at Harris Beach
More coastline
Overlooking the shoreline
Sea stacks everywhere
Lots of Driftwood
Mail Boat Trips
Rogue River Bridge
The Chinook - Our Jet Boat for the Day
Salmon fishing on the Rogue
Trying for the big one
River Jet Action
Mama and the Baby Quackers
What goes up, must come down...
Find the Bald Eagle
Eagle carrying a trout it just caught
Our captain (Standing up)
Leaving us to fend for ourselves on the river!
...we find a lodge
....and they serve dinner!
Vance made some friends
Jet Boat Hair
Inside the Lucas Lodge
Hanging out the wash
Some yard art
The Lucas Lodge
Another Jet Boat comes downstream
Here comes our ride to pick us up after dinner
Back at the coast
Seagulls doing what Seagulls do
Tide is coming in
Sea Stacks at Whaleshead Beach
Vance makes more friends
A small inlet
This is not a bone, boys!
Alright, let's play fetch anyway..
Dramatic cliffs
Natural Bridges
Natural Bridges Cove
Spruce Island Viewpoint
Spruce Island
Arch Rock Viewpoint
Arch Rock
Pretty Cove
Vance on the Oregon Coast Trail
More Sea Stacks
A final view