Bandelier National Monument
Bandelier Visitor Center
Visitor Center constructed by the CCC
Nice view from the back
Exotic Plants!
Canyon wall - note all the small caves
Pueblo type structure
Kiva - these round rooms are common among ruins
Remaining walls of village
Vance and Denise discuss ruins
Firewheel Flower
Canyon wall
View up canyon wall
Inside inhabited cave - note the smoke stains
Vance climbing up to cave dwelling
View of village ruins
Another view
Reconstructed building
Outside reconstructed building
Denise telling us all about it!
Climbing up to another cave dwelling
Even the old man made it!
View down canyon - note buildings built into canyon walls
Narrow walkways
Another peek
Every day is a learning opportunity
Ruins along canyon wall - note indentations where rooms were hollowed out
More Petroglyphs
Building up under alcove
You can tell how many stories the houses were by the holes left from the logs in the wall
Pictogram (Painted)
Petrogylph - a Dog?
Canyon wall where ruins are located
Gotta finish the Jr. Ranger before eating!
Fly like a bird!
Pretty Bird
Squirrel hoping to grab some lunch
Model of village
Mockup of what homes looked like
Working on Jr. Ranger on the nature trail
Pretty lush for the desert!
Denise before the big climb
The first ladder
The narrow ledge
The next ladder
The third ladder
Made it!
Alcove House
Reconstructed Kiva at Alcove House
Vance climbing down
Check out those moves!
Made it back out
Denise gives it a try
Inside the Kiva
Climbing back down - yes, it was as bad as it looks!
She's happy because she's safe!
Beauty and grace!
Interesting 'Tent' rocks
Side view of climb to Alcove House
Finishing up the Jr. Ranger
Smelling 'Vanilla' in the pine tree. Really.
Swearing in the new Jr. Ranger
CCC constructed buildings
Pretty flowers
Neat Tinwork
More tinwork
Cool light
Another neat light
Art on Freeway Bridge
Freeway Art
Bridge art
More Art
View looking down onto the Rio Grande
The End!