Upper Hudson River
Hudson River - Adirondacks
Vance in front of the Hudson River
Sagamore - Adirondacks
Servants Chalet
Carriage House
Vance showing how it's done
Blacksmith Shop
The Wigwam - Gentleman Only
View along porch
Inside Wigwam
Classic Admirondack Style
The Casino - Playhouse
Children's Playhouse
Alfred's Cabin
Canoes - Adirondack style
Main Lodge
Buffalo Skin
Dining Hall
Entrance to Dining Hall
Lake Sagamore
Boathouse from the front
Ring the dinner bell!
Lake Sagamore
Bowling Alley
Old time ball return - still works!
The lap of luxury
Bowling Alley
Inky, the friends pet dog
Hen house
Carpenters Shed and Woodshed
Chess Set
An afternoon snack
The giant's chair!