Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Vance at the entrance
Rhinebeck Aerodrome
WWI Buiilding
Between the wars collection
Glenn Curtis plane - made in Finger Lakes Region
Working Wright Flyer
Model Airplane
More model planes
Steam powered car
First plane to exceed 100 mph
Heath Info
'Heathkit' plane - you could order this as a kit
Vance and Denise
German Albatross
Fokker Triplane
Curtiss under restoration
Vance's friend Cliff riding the Penny-Farthing
It's as tall as him!
Model Plane Museum
Fashion Show
Is that authorized?
A afternoon ride
The Hi-Wheeler
Even the crowd gets into it
Tiger Moth
Great Lake
In the clouds
A slight problem with the flying bike!
Plane with Rotary Engine
In the air
Curtiss Jenny
The Red Baron
Preparing for Battle
Coming up from behind for the kill
..in the wild blue yonder
The farmer (80 and still stunt flying!)
Enojying the show
Coming in for a landing
American Standard
The flight line
The Red Baron and ground crew
Side car
Bleriot XI
The airfield
Vance by the tank
Tank and Biplane
Ready for Duty!
Before our flight
View of Hudson River from Biplane
Safely down