Coolidge Historic Site

Coolidge Historic Site
Visitors Center
Coolidge and Dog
Portrait of Swearing in at Farm
History Info
Father's General Store
Sitting on porch
More sitting
Gas Pump
Horse Treadmill
Tyson Furnace Info
Tyson Stoves
Dog and Sheep Treadmill
Snow Roller
Maple Sap Sled
Summer White House upstairs of store
Bedroom where Coolidge was born
Coolidge Birthplace behind store
Carriage father built
Table where Coolidge sworn in as president by father
Plymouth Notch
Interior of Church
Boyhood Home
Nice farm next door
Home in town
Scenery in Plymouth Notch
More scenery
Calvin Coolidge Gravesite
Cemetary where Coolidge is buried
Plymouth Notch, late afternoon