Maritime Museum

Mine Maritime Museum
Tugboat Captain
Mould Loft
Showing design of frame timbers
Outline of Schooner 'Wyoming'
Fishing Schooner Samuel Zwicker
Rear crew quarters
320 hp diesel engine
Foward quarters and galley
Coming up hatchway
From below
Ship's Bell
Tour boat Sagadoahoc on the Kennebec River
Small cruise ship
Denise enjoying the view
River Lighthouse
Range Lights on Kennebec River
Lighthouse and keepers home
Pretty Church on River
Amphibious vehicle used to haul large freight to islands
Town right on the Atlantic
Pretty Barn
Lighthouse at mouth of river
Lighthouse commisioned by George Washington
Snack boy
Floating drydock, used to build Guided Missle Cruisers
Vance in crows nest
Lobster traps
Lobster trap display (from underwater)
Lobster cannery
Packing cans
Painting bouys
Various lobster boats
'Tell everyone all is well'
Trade around the world
World Trading Game (Vance loved this one)
Working the capstan
Sawmill at shipyard
Side of old ship - note the two layers of siding around the ribs
Wire vice
Mortising Machine
Sections of railing from ship
Small hunting boat (for duck hunting)
Making half models
Sail types
Outline of bow of 'Wyoming'
Bow of Clipper Ship Snow Squall, wrecked on Cape Horn
Model of Snow Squall - colored part is what is seen in previous photo