The 'Lion' steam engine
Up and down sawmill
Circular sawmill
Clapboard machine
Early chainsaws
Two person chainsaw
Recovered hull of the ship 'St. Mary', wrecked in collision off Cape Horn
Model of ship showing recovered section in red
Farm implements
Ice cutting
Different granites - Vance really likes the pink granite found at Acadia
Sardine Cannery
Wool carder
Automated weaving loom
Iron Smelter
Early steam engines
Single piston steam engine
North Haven Dingy
Battle Flag of 20th Maine Regiment at Gettysburg
Walrus tusks
Original Deed for purchase of Maine by Massachusetts (1250 pounds British)
Birchbark sailing canoe
Maine State House
Vance in front of Maine Statehouse
House chamber
Senate Chamber
Vance presiding over Senate
Behind the Senate President's Podium
Joshua Chamberlin - hero of Gettysburg and 4 time Maine Governer
Maine Battle Flags
List of laws signed by Governor
Bouy Shack on Bailey Island
Bouy Shack