Statue of Liberty

Castle Clinton - early fort in Manhattan
Manhattan skyline from inside Castle Clinton
Statue of Liberty
Bird resting
Note lighter spot - replaced from wear by from crown. Note the spikes are uneven.
Back of statue
View of old fort at bottom
Statue, pedestal and base
Ms. Liberty
Auguste Bartholdi
Mr. Bartholdi and Vance
Building the statue
Original glass torch
Reproduction of face
Nose to nose
Bartholdi's mother - note the simularities in the face
Reproduction of foot
Vance and foot reproduction
Demonstration of process of creation
Large plaster model of foot and wood forms
Cooper hammered in wood form
Iron straps to hold copper
Picture of studio in France
Original iron straps
Info on iron straps
Internal framework, assembled in France
Statue taking shape in France
Statue under construction in France
Model of statue showing framework
Various pedestal designs
Vance working on Jr, Ranger
Quotes about Liberty
More liberty quotes
Staircase to Crown - looking up from top of pedestal
Narrows Bridge
Manhattan skyline and the guys
Windy day at the statue
Ellis Island from Statue
Brooklyn Bridge
Working on Jr. Ranger
Ranger Station on Liberty Island
Ranger program
Getting his Jr. Ranger Badge
On the ferry
Riding back to Manhattan