New Bedford

New Bedford
Historic District
New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park
Visitors Center
Quote from Frederick Douglass
Whaling Museum
Baby Blue Whale
Sperm Whale Exhibit
Young Sperm Whale
Whale the skeleton came from, beached on Nantuket Island
Talking about Sperm Whales with Docent
Normal sperm whale jaw
Deformed jaw
Last whaler in New Bedford, wrecked off Cape Cod
Lagoda - 1/2 scale model of whaler
Whaleman's contract
Vance piloting Lagoda
Full sized equipment
Topmast from Whaleship Wanderer
Nathaniel Bowditch Info
Bowditch Sextant
Working on Jr. Ranger Badge
Custom House
Mariners' Home
Giving Directions
Seamen's Bethel Info
Seamen's Bethel (Chapel)
Melville's Pew in Seamen's Bethel
Seamen's Bethel
Memorial to New Bedford Fishermen
Whale windvane
Modern Harpoon Cannon
Sundial Building
Dartmouth Plaque
Whale Oil Info
Whale Oil Candleworks
New Bedford Fishing Fleet
Fishing vessels