Mystic Seaport

Mystic, Conn
Mystic Seaport
Visitors Center
Schooner L.A. Dunton
L.A. Dunton
Schooner Dunton
Dunton on a brighter day
On the bow
Crew Galley
Steam Ferry - still gives rides
Dory's used for Cod fishing
Vance gives it a try
The village green at the seaport
Masts looming over village
Fishing boat
Info on Emma Berry
The wet well Smack 'Emmy Berry'
Thomas Oyster
Info on Nellie
Oyster Sloop Nellie
Fish Flake Info
Fish Flake with covers
Homes across Mystic River
Info on Lobster Car
Lobster Car
Vance looking at Lobster Shack
Wooden Lobster Traps
Vance in Lobster yard
Small boat under repair
Schooner Australia
Remains of schooner Austrialia - Smuggler in Civil War
Bow of Austrailia
Deck and Bow of Austrialia
Denise peaking thru
Bow and below decks
Rope works
The Ropewalk by Longfellow
Spools for weaving rope
Hand spinning yarn for rope
Spinner head
Spinning rope
Making heavy cable
View of ship
A view you don't see very often anymore
Used as a training vessel
Catboat exhibit
Down to the sea in ships
Shipsmith shop
Marine blacksmith
Life saving station
Mystic waterfront
Seamans Chapel
Anchor from clipper ship
Grocery Store
Vance and the wooden indian
Where to get the good stuff
Whaler Charles Morgan
Shops along waterfront
Whaler Charles Morgan
Anchor from British 74 gun Ship of the Line
View of Mystic River
Another view of Mystic
Reproduction of the slaver 'Amistad' (topmasts removed)
Natical Instruments
Charles Morgan, only existing American Whaler
The head
Bow of Morgan
Foward hatch
Prism for letting in light below deck
Captains quarters
Joint of support beam,
Another ship
Rigging on the Morgan
Triworks for rendering Whale Blubber
Slaver Amistad
Vance finds a whale
Sailboat races