Adams National Historic Park

Quincy, Mass
Adams National Historic Park
National Park Trolley
Birthplace of John Adams
It is but the farm of a Patriot
Peace Fields - Home to 4 generations of Adams
'Old House'
On front porch of Adams' Home
Stone Library - J.Q. Adams collection
Vance opening door to library
Weathervane on Library
Adams Gardens
Gardens - some plants planted by Abigail Adams
Abaigail Adams Info
Abigail Adams Memorial
First Parish Church, where the Adams are buried
First Parish Church
John Quincy Adams Family Pew
Adams Pew
John Quincy Plaque (J.Q. Adams Great-Grandfather)
John Quincy & Louisa Plaque
John and Abigail Adams Plaque
Charles Frances Adams Plaque (Son of J.Q. Adams)
Organ and Dome of Church
Adams family crypt
John Adams
John Adams Tomb
Abigail Adams
Abigal Adams Tomb
John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams Tomb
Louisa Catherine Adams
Louisa Catherine Adams
J.Q. and Louisa Adams
John and Abigail Adams
Presidental Birthday Wreath for John Adams - Denise allowed to take a carnation
Old weathervane from Hancock Meeting House
Jr Ranger Badge
Site of John Hancock Birthplace
Quincy Historical Museum - site of Hancock Birthplace
Bust of John Hancock
John Hancock