NM Space History Musuem

New Mexico Space History Museum
Also International Space Hall of Fame
Against Mountainside
Mecury Capsule
Taking it for a ride
Mockup of Sputnik
Mockup of Explorer - First US Satellite
Moon diorama used behind Walter Cronkite during Apollo 11 broadcast
Space Shuttle Landing simulator
Fuel Cell from Apollo program
Suit used on Skylab 4
Gentleman flying was recovery frogman on Alan Shepard's first Mercury flight
Air to Air missile
Hawk Missile
Rocket engine noises
Model of Saturn rocket built by Weiner von Braun
Type of engine used in Lunar Model to lift off moon
Models of different launch vehincles
Insides of early satellite
Insides of transmitter satellite
Rocks from Trinity blast site - first atomic bomb test
Container for monkey space launch
Controller for V-2 missile
Engine type used on Apollo Service Module
Engines for turning on Apollo Service Module
Yesterday's Tomorrow exhibit
Looking at exhibits about 'tomorrow'
Buckmeister Fuller
Wash your house!
Engine type used in early Saturn rockets
Daisy Track Info
Daisy Test Track for deceleration tests
Sled would come to sudden stop for tests
Rider subjected up to 80g's when stopping
Mockup of Spaceship One
The Bopper - early prototype of crash test dummies
Sled from behind on Daisy
Memorial to Space Shuttle Astronauts killed
View of memorial
Prickly Pear blossom
Century Plant
Ham (first astrochimp) gravesite
Ham grave marker
Space Park
X-7A Info
V-2 fired at White Sands
Vance in Space Park
Joe II
Joe II and Cactus
Whisper Dish
Ground Meteorological Device Info
F-1 Info
5 of these in Saturn 5 rocket
Vance and F-1
Nike Missile