Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park
Mark using hiking sticks for support
Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point overlooking Bryce Amplitheater
Mark at the overlook
Geology talk!
Vance and Denise at Overlook
Finishing Jr. Ranger (with same ranger giving Geology talk)
Stick Ranger!
Fairyland Canyon
Fairyland Canyon
More Hoodoos - late afternoon sunlight
Rainbow Point
Hoodoos at Rainbow Point
Bristlecone Loop Trail
What's up with those yellow arms?
Smelling the Ponderosa Pine
Works for dogs, doesn't it??
Bristlecone Pine Info
Bristlecone Pine
View across the pines
Just the 3 of us
Looking down at sunset
Natural Bridge (which is actually an arch!)
Natural Bridge
Prairie Dog mounds
Sunset Point
Sunset Point
Sunset Point
Sunset Point Panorama
Horse Trail!
Bringing in the horses
Horse Crossing
Saddle up!
Vance heading out on 'Mouse'
Denise and 'Garth'
Starting down the dusty trail
'Stetson', our 15 year old tour guide
Looking out across Bryce Amplitheater
Down below
Vance and Mouse
Up the narrow trail
Getting instructions
Hoodoos up close
Corral down in the canyon
Looking up
Windows in the Hoodoos
Horse ride trail
Mark and Dixie
Up and over!
Ready to ride
That way!
Looking upwards
A short break
Looks like chess pieces
The windows, up close
Working back up a canyon
Vance on Mouse
Sweeping view over the hoodoos
Our fearless riders and thier trusty steeds
Vance and Mouse
Mouse the Mule
An afternoon snooze in the sun
Vance in front of Bryce Canyon Lodge
Inside the lodge
Bryce Lodge
Cabins at the lodge