Black Canyon

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Mark and Vance
Into the depths
Pretty Flowers on overlook trail
Sunset Point
Sheer 2000 ft walls
River rapids below
'Painted Wall'
Looks like dragons
Sunset Point in daytime
View from Visitor Center
Walking to the boat ride on old railroad grade
Pointing out something interesting
View of Morrow Point Reservoir
Our ride awaits!
Waiting on the dock
Vance on the boat
Another view
Curecanti Needle Info
Curecanti Needle
Curecanti Needle
Another view of Curecanti Needle
Mouth of Curecanti Creek - we hiked there the next day
Curecanti Creek again
View of lake
Vance and Denise
Looking back
The boat
Vance on stern
Old narrow gauge engine at Cimarron
Blue Mesa Dam
Pioneer Point Overlook
Curecanti Needle from trailhead
On observation point
The lake from the trailhead - this is where we took the boat ride yesterday
View down to Curecanti Creek
Edge of the canyon. The pack belt makes me look fat!
View of lake
Vance and Denise, resting
Halfway down!
Crossing the creek
Curecanti Creek - very lush!
Top of the cascades
Down we go
More cascades
and more....
Near the bottom
Cross the creek again
All three of us
Resting on the bridge
Looking back up the creek
More rapids
Canyon walls above
View near the bottom
View below the bridge
Falls at the bottom
Entering the lake
Looking out toward the lake
Vance on bridge
Vance and Denise - Vance was el speedo hiking back up
Pretty flowers
View back at the top
Looking down on where we just were
The long cascade, from up top