Buffalo outside the east entrance
Zion National Park - West Entrance
Mark at East entrance
Checkerboard Mesa
East side of Zion, before the tunnels
More on the east side
East side views
Camper outside of Zion
Waiting to enter the tunnel
Checkpoint for Mt Carmel Tunnel
View looking out 'Gallery' in the tunnel
Mouth of the Tunnel
Coming out - note the line of cars waiting to go thru
Tunnel Gallery in the canyon wall
Jr. Ranger
Zion Nature Center, site of Jr. Ranger program
Wild Turkey
Waiting for Jr. Ranger program to start
Jr. Ranger Explorer Program
Receiving 'Explorer' Patch
Vance with Bat he made
Vance with his certificate
The Virgin River in Zion Canyon
Zion Visitors Center - note the cooling towers
Visitor Center
Ranger led shuttle tour of canyon
Tunnel construction info
Great Arch of Zion
View from road descending canyon wall
Another view
Another view
Shuttle bus - note the nice, uncrowded road
View along canyon floor
Lush along river
Camper in Zion Canyon
Campsite in Watchman Campground
Another campsite view
Campground view
Taking a break
Lazy during the heat of the day
River access from campsite
Another river view
Vance swimming in the Virgin River
A nice spot to cool off
Panorama of Zion Canyon
Panorama behind campground at sunset
Court of the Patriarchs
Abraham and Issac
Waiting for the hike to start
Vance, prepped for hiking
Ranger Rosanne
Learning about plants
A nice twilight hike to the base of 'Abraham'
Views at sunset
Off trail hiking
Vance - happy we are headed back in!
Riverside walk leading to the Narrows
A couple of lizards
Riverside walk
Looking back toward the narrows
A weeping wall
Rock climbing!
Coming down
Sunset in the narrows
Denise wades upstream
Crossing the Virgin
Made it!
Waiting for the shuttle to ride back to camp
View looking up thru the air hatch in the shuttle
Mark and Vance
Virgin River behind campsite
Shuttle bus in Zion Canyon