Kings Canyon

Vance and Ella at Kings Canyon NP
Close up of sign
Grizzly Falls
Thru the trees
Falls up close
Vance and Ella at base of falls
Ella again
Note the shoes
Prepared for hiking and swimming!
Kings Canyon Rocks!
Vance and mark
Picnic area with falls in background
Roaring River
Roaring River
Roaring River
Roaring River Falls
Lizard admiring the view
Roaring River Falls
Canyon View
John Muir Quote
Looking down Kings Canyon
Kings River
Convict Flat
Junction View
Bear Crossing!
What's for lunch?
I love a picnic!
Studying the menu (not)
King of the Log!
Going Down
Robert E. Lee Tree
Robert E. Lee Tree
Ella inside downed sequoia log
Grant Tree from a distance
General Grant
Gamlin Cabin
Ella and Vance in the cabin
Fire Scars on tree
Young Sequoia
Downed Seqouia Roots
Ella under log
Ella in silhouette