Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
Approaching the dam from Arizona side
Arizona side spillway
Water Intake Towers - Arizona side
Lake Mead
Intake towers - lake is about 50 feet down from normal
Arizona Side
Civil Engineering Plaque - State Line
Nevada Side
Nevada side intake tower
Hoover Dam
Vance and Ella - 700 feet underground
30 Foot Water diversion pipes in tunnels
Diagram of water tunnels
Vance and Ella - inside an old volcano!
Nevada side generators
Vance and Ella in turbine room
Vance learning about electric loads
Model of turbines and generators
Demo showing magnets spinning past coils, generating electricity
Ella with the generator demo
Mark in front of the Dam
HIgh Voltage lines - note how they lean out over the canyon
Vance, Mark and Ella overlooking Dam
Looking down into Black Canyon (not Boulder, like commonly thought)
Info on insulators
Insulators for 64,000 volts
New arch bridge construction on the canyon walls
Original cableway
Sculpture honoring workers
Working on new bridge
Hoover Dam Plaque
Vance and Ella on state line
Mark on Dam
Welcome Ella!
Panorama of Dam
Ella sleeping
Ella in the camper
Vance working on a 'viewpoint'