Tunnel View
Tunnel View
The stagecoach arrives for the 4th celebration!
The Yosemite Stage
One of the old stages
Yosemite Stage Tolls
Heading in for some singing and speeches
A good gathering
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
The band
A young John Muir (without the beard!)
A local appeal for the right for women to vote
Up in the rafters
Crossing the bridge into town
A star spangled 4th
The master of ceremonies
Get ready
Another one bites the dust...
Still on his feet
Mark finishing 2nd. Not bad for a pack mule ;-)
I made it without falling!
High Five
Watching the action
Getting tied up for 3 legged race
Ready to rock
Off to a fast start
Getting left in the dust ;-(
Discussing strategy for the next event!
Getting thier game face on
A slow start, finished 3rd
Getting eggs
Oops....Ella got egged!
Preparing for the Adult level toss
A successful grab
Use the force, Luke...
I really didn't want this one to break...
Another good grab
And another
What a catch!
The winning catch!!
The winners!!
Tug of war
Nail driving
Concentration is the key
Ella gives it a try
Mark show's how it's done
A festive outfit
First ranger station for Yosemite
Wells Fargo station
Powder House-Jail
Old jail/powderhouse
Inside the jailhouse
Packing up after the festivities
Historic Cabin
The Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge built by Galen Clark
Getting ready for a swim
It's an Ellafish
Old time fun in the river
Ella swimming
Looking for fish
Hanging onto a rock
The buddha
Goofing around in the cool water
Ella doing a little sun snoozing
Ella looking for fish
Historic Wawona Hotel
Pretty meadow on the way to Glacier Point
View looking up 'Little Yosemite' Valley
Half Dome - Vance thinks it looks like a Penguin
Looking down at Vernal and Nevada Falls
Nevada Falls
Nevada Falls and Liberty Dome
Vernal Falls
Deer sighting
Glacier Point
The four of us at Glacier Point
Half Dome at sunset
Vance and Ella
Sunset on the domes
Queen of the rock
Setset over the Central Valley
Venus shining above the sunset