Mt Lassen Volcanic National Park
Manzanita Lake Entrance
Manzanita Lake
Historic Loomis Museum
Historic Seismograph, still used
Kerosene soot seismograph
Lily Pond trail
Lily Pond
Lassen Peak
Lassen Peak
Silver Leaf Lupines
Bumpass 'Hell'
The Hills are Alive!
Lupines at their peak
Mt. Lassen blew its top in 1917
On the Bumpass Hell Trail, looking out at ancient volcano crater
Onward to Hell!
Lake Helen, Mt Lassen
Vance and Denise - made a picture of Denise on this same tree in 1992
Nature's Rock Garden
Bumpass Hell Overlook
Mark and Lupines. I thought they were Lavender ;-(
It's a stinky, hissing mess
The earth needs some mouthwash - it stinks!
Smells like rotten eggs
Big Boiler
A late afternoon view
Looks like a minature Yellowstone
Boil, boil, toil and trouble
Big Boiler and the Boardwalk
Blurp! A Mudpot
It's been a dry year
Boiling Spring
Venting away
The creek flowing out of Bumpass Hell
Last one out is a rotten egg!
The Trail Boss from Hell
Catch up, Mom!
We're hiking up there tomorrow...
No, please, no.....
Glacier Erratic - a Boulder out of context
Tree Power!
A 400 year old (dead) tree
Vance brings up the owl
Behold, the owl!
Vance and Ranger Kathy Carlise
Jr. Ranger at Mt Lassen
Repairs to old Ranger Station
Mt. Lassen KOA
Mt Lassen KOA - great campground
Reading the new Harry Potter (Last one!)