Our Ferry
Powered by Biodiesel
Our cowboy goes to Canada!
He needs the caffeine...
Leaving the US behind (Port Angeles in the distance)
A Victorian Lady
We were going to name Vance 'Victoria' (Tori) - if he had been a girl
Float plane departing Victoria Harbour
Seaplane taking off
Harbour Ferry (looks like a toy boat)
O' Canada (Parliament Building in background)
Inner Harbour - Empress Hotel (1908)
The Empress Hotel
Her Royal Highness, Queen Victoria
British Columbia Parliament Buildings (1898) and Totem Pole
Old fashioned lamp post with hanging baskets
Notice the flower baskets all along the streets
Our double-decker bus tour
Feeding the harbor seals
Coming up for the catch
Hybrid Toyota Prius Taxi Fleet
Price per liter of gas (appox $4.10 a gallon US)
Welcome to Butchart Gardens
The Sunken Garden
The Sunken Garden (former quarry)
Rustic Garden Structure
Denise and Vance want me to build one of these!
Shade Garden
Water Fountains
Closeup of fountain and pond
Black eyed Susans
Even the trash cans are planted!
Rock outcropping in the sunken garden
Garden statuary
Totem Pole
Thunderbird Totem Pole
Aeolian Pipe Organ Pavilion
More dahlias
Denise loves these....
Leading to the Rose Garden
Begonias, interesting combination
Archway (Denise wants me to build one of these, too!)
A riot of color
The Japanese Garden
Archway to Japanese Garden
The Three Sturgeon
Simple design
Don't know what it is, but we liked it!
Topiary Sculpture
Boar Scarer
A Vance Favorite (He added this to my list of things to build...)
Start the cycle over
A mossy pagoda
“What am I supposed to be doing here?”
Meditations on how to get out of this garden quickly!
A possible escape route?
A meandering stream
Cedar serenity
Butchart Cove Lookout
Peering thru the peephole to the planes
Butchart Cove
The fleet
It's real, not a toy
The Butchart home, now a restaurant
Lawn border
The Italian Garden
Window Boxes
Italian Garden and Lawn
Don't be a Boar!
Taking a break in a manly fashion - looking at flowers is hard work
Denise wants Mark to plant a border like this at the farm.....
The Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz production
Dorothy isn't so sure about this
Glenda, the Good Witch
I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!
If I only had a brain...I wouldn't be dressed like this.
The tin-mistress. Our bus was about to leave us at this point ;-(
Totem pole at the Royal BC Museum
More Totems beside the Museum at Thunderbird Park
It was a really funny joke. Wish we could remember it!
Preparing to leave
Spotted a Junk....we didn't detour to Hong Kong, did we?
A real beauty
Heading back to the good ole US of A
Italian Garden Panorama
The 'Picture Window' Garden
Victoria waterfront panorama