Oregon Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium - Newport, OR
Vance checking out the Puffins
Cute little guy
On parade
Shake your tail feathers
Pigeon Guillemot
Seabird Aviary
Vance makes a friend with the sea otter
Hi there!
Ah, these are the days....
We learned about these in Eureka, CA
Snowy Plover
Sea Anemones
Sunflower Sea Star
Dance like a Crustancean
Crustacean Invasion
Dive, Dive!
Diver Daddy
Ride, Captain, Ride
A photo journalist in the making
Fort Clatsop at Lewis and Clark NHP
Shuttle Bus at Lewis and Clark NHP
Recreation of Fort Clatsop
Inside the fort
Interior Room
Sleeping Quarters
Local History Professor gives talk on Sacajawea
Audience participation - The Trouble with Translations
Denise asks a few questions
Jr. Ranger Man!