Oregon Central

Old Town Florence, OR
We're a long way from Florence South Carolina!
Overlooking the dunes - they migrate
Our central coast campground
Waiting for Denise to bring me my slippers and martini...
Honeyman State Park, OR
Visitor Center
Peddle the Paddle in the Pond
Note the dunes across the lake
At least Vance is having fun....
Oregon Dunes
Vance and the 'Butt Board'
Starting up the hill
Didn't get very far the first few tries
Wait, the wax makes it work!
Hanging on for dear life...
Sandboarding Dude
Heading up the big dune
Ready, Set....
Steering with his hands
Dad's turn
Better this time....
Cape Perpetua Visitor Center
Cape Perpetua Visitor Center
Cape Perpetua
Off to the tidepools
Old lava flows created the tidepools
Spotting sea creatures...
Sea Anemone and Purple Sea Urchins
Millions of Mussels
Sea Stars
Waves rush in
The guys next to a pool
Mussel Man Mark
Hang 10 (or 5, as the case may be...)
Sea Anemone
Pretty marine life
A vibrant sea star
Denise and Vance's 1st Tidepool Adventure
Waiting for the tide to return
Exploring lava dikes
Heceta Head Lighthouse
The quintessential Oregon Coastline View
Another one, because it's soooooo nice
The lighthouse from the trail
First glimpse of keepers cottage
Cottage and bridge
Overlooking the coast from the trail
Up close and personal
Lighthouse Info
Up the staircase inside the lighthouse
The bulbs and Fresnel Lens
Turning Mechanism, originally driven by weights like a grandfather clock
The bullseye lens
Historic Lightkeepers cottage
Now operates as a pricey B&B
Sea Lion Caves
Inside the cave, the world's largest sea cave
Spotlight on the sea lions
Sea Lion Overlook
Hope he's getting his quarters worth!
Vance has spotted Sea Lions below
Some Sea Lions prefer the rocks outside the cave
Steller Sea Lion Info
Sea Lion Statuary
Devils Churn
And churn it does
The Spouting Horn