Cape Flattery - Most NW Point in contiguous US
Trailhead for Cape Flattery
On the trail
Trail improvements
More trail
The trail, not so improved
Cedar Information
Vance in a Red Cedar
Hole in Cedar
Makah Information
View from the Cape
Other side of Cape Flattery
Sea Caves lining the shoreline
The happy travelers
Overlook at Cape Flattery
Vance at the Cape
Fishing Boat just off the Cape
Tatoosh Island
Closer look at the lighthouwse
Vancover Island, Canada - across the Strait of Juan de Fuca
Seabird Info
A Tufted Puffin in the wild
Pigeon Guillemot
Makah Cultural Museum
Traditional Salmon Bake
Prepping the filet
Weaving onto the cedar stakes
Almost ready
About as fresh as you can get
Teaching his sons the method
Salmon filets baking over driftwood fire
The finished product, afer baking
Vance is chowing down on the salmon!
Mom, can I order more salmon? Yes!
This is the only way to eat salmon!
Rialto Beach
Vance and Denise playing on the driftwood
And a lot of driftwood it is...
Denise showing the size of the logs
More Driftwood
Racing the tide to 'Hole in the Wall'
Vance scampers up a really big one
'Split Rock' Sea Stacks
A solitary sea star
A more social group
Hanging out with the mussels
Purple Haze
A driftwood shelter
The castaway
Denise in 'Hole in the Wall' at low tide
Looking back south
Vance showing the scale of 'Hole in the Wall'
Denise in front of more tidepools
You do have to worry about tidal waves