Someone needs to dress Mark in the mornings!
On the way to the Hoh Rain Forest
Hoh River
Note aquamarine color from 'Glacial Flour'
Hall of Mosses
Our Ranger for the Hall of Mosses Hike
Banana Slug
A bigger one on the ground
A nurse log
The Hall of Mosses
Very lush, very green
It's a rainforest!
Denise liked this arch
A nice resting spot
Rest stop on the trail
Ferns along the trail
Strolling through the forest
Birds nest
Pond - very green, full of life
This creek is full of baby Coho Salmon
Catching flies
Feeding flies to the Coho Salmon
Vance gets a turn
Discussing the Jr. Ranger activities
Vance playing on downed logs
A rain forest phone booth!
A giant Sitka spruce
They grow 'em tall here...
Hard Rain Cafe
Only in the Pacific Northwest!
Soleduck Valley
Salmon Information
Soleduck River, Salmon Cascades
Note the aquamarine color due to 'Glacier Flour'
Soleduck Falls Trailhead
Vance and Denise on the lush trail
Taking a break
Strolling beneath the Douglas Firs
Backwoods Trail Shelter
Another view
Bridge Crossing the Falls
Soleduck Falls
A wonderful spot
Side view of the falls
Variety of ferns
Very lush
Sol Duc Hot Springs
Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort
Vance in the hot springs
A view of the pools - Vance is diving in