1000 Islands

Wellesley Island State Park
Campsite - Canada is the far shore
Geese - lots of Geese
View from Campsite
Vance and Coyote
Vance vs the Beaver
Building Catapults
Successful Trial
Dad's Turn
Alexander Bay, NY
Vance doing what Vance does...
Our cruise boat
Waiting in line
Ready to board
Being Goofy
1000 Islands Tour
Where the rich folks vacation
More (cottages)
Boldt Castle
On the upper deck
Another Cottage
More our size!
Hitching a ride
Pretty chapel on Canadian Side
International Bridge connecting Wellesley Island to Canada
Vance piloting the ship!
Checking the instruments
A job well done
Island House or House Boat?
St Laurence River
More of the rich and famous
On the stern
Yet another cottage
Under the suspension bridge
Connecting the US to Canada
Smallest of the 1000 Islands - Tom Thumb Island
Denise really liked this one
Pretty view
Our favorite Island house - in Canada
One Island in Canada, one in the US!
We toured Boldt Castle
Vance in front of Castle
Gazebo popular for weddings at Castle
A nice little veranda
Osprey on top of 'Childrens Playhouse'
On top of Castle
Dining Room
Verandas surround the main level
Vance makes another friend
Boldt Boathouse
Children's Playhouse
Neat door in 'Playhouse'
Freighter on St. Lawrence River
Interior of 'Playhouse'
Side of Castle
Getting prepped for 'Voyageur' canoe trip
Sizing the paddle
Our 36 ft Voyageur Canoe - holds 17 people
Row, row, row your boat
Vance does his part