Natchez Trace

North Entrance to the Natchez Trace
Vance at Natchez Trace
The Rig
The Parkway
A portion of the original Trace
Walking on the Trace
Old Trace
Goofing off
Behaving ourselves
Lesson time again!
Natchez Trace Info
5th wheeler behind us is from Alaska
Farmland surrounding the Parkway
Jackson Falls
Jackson Falls
Jackson Falls and Vance
Hiking back from waterfall
Meriwether Lewis Ranger Station
Where Lewis committed suicide after the expedition
Foundation of old Inn
Monument on Natchez Trace
Info on Natchez Trace
Old Pioneer cemetary
Meriwether Lewis gravesite
Meriwether Lewis
Inscription on monument
Info on Meriwether Lewis
Vance learning about Meriwether Lewis gravesite