Rest area in Oklahoma
Water Tower
Route 66 Sign
Route 66 near Elk City, OK
Rest area outside of Amarillo, Tx
50kw wind generator at Rest Stop
Windmill blades
View of windmill from picnic area
Rest area buried in hill
Buffalo grass
Vance and Denise
Vance and Denise in the Lone Star state
Picnic shelter
Front side of picnic shelter
Texas BBQ grill
Picnic Shelter
Museum inside on ranching and wind power
Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Palo Duro Canyon - 2nd largest in US
Canyon View
Rattlesnake in the grass
Slithering along the sidewalk
Flowers in canyon wall
Denise and Vance
Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River
Flood Gauge at crossing
Somehow this little stream carved this huge canyon
Stream crossing
Coyote in the brush
Old JA Ranch
Park Office
Framed view